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WIP Wednesday – Ripple Blanket

on January 8, 2014

So I was in Pound Stretcher last weekend and came across ALL THE YARN!


After seeing a few ripple blankets kicking about the crochet sub-Reddit I just knew I had to make one. It’s wide enough for two people to snuggle under…once it’s long enough of course. So here is my progress so far (this is the full colour order so it’ll be this pattern repeating for as long as the yarn lasts):

IMG_0122  Bonus Kitties!!




Oh and today is my 100th post 🙂 and almost a year since I started the blog too.


3 responses to “WIP Wednesday – Ripple Blanket

  1. […] for a few weeks now but have been at a loss with what to crochet.  I occasionally work on the Rainbow Ripple Blanket so it is a little bigger than before but not so big that it’s worth a […]

  2. 20017crochet says:

    Nice job. Love the bright colors.

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