Carrick Bend Mat Coaster

I learned how to do the foundation single crochet, and I kept going for about 3 meters.  Then is twirled it all about and made this!  It’s called a Carrick Bend mat, it’s not my coaster.  I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream Ombre yarn which gave it a nice colour effect.  Simples.


Be Brave

Depression and anxiety suck. Sometimes just a little reminder to be brave is all we need to get through the next hour, and if we can get through that hour, then maybe we can get through the next.  A recent Crafty Club Box sent me a project to make these pocket pillows and one of the designs was this “Be Brave” which I immediately was drawn to.  I loved the design of the bear head peeking over the edge of the pillow.  This pocket pillow goes everywhere with me now.