Little Box Of Crochet – Attic 24 – Notebook Cover

When you love Little Box of Crochet and you love Lucy from Attic24 and you have an unhealthy obession with collecting notepads it’s like the stars aligned when August’s box came in the post.  Combining the classic granny squares with this great selection of must have mini’s colours all to fit around this (i think A6 size) notebook, specially created for Little Box of Crochet to keep track of your crochet projects. So many possibilities to create more in any colour or size variation you could ever need.


Scandi Advent Calendar

This was actually one of my earlier sewing projects but I have waited until now to post it as I thought posting Christmas projects in July/August might not have gone down well with you all 🙂  This was one of the first big projects I tried after the failed dress and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I really enjoyed the whole process and found it really rather relaxing.  I enjoy Christmas rather too much for someone my age so it was tough to put this by in the cupboard after it was done.  Not sure what I will put in the pockets when the time comes. Roll on December when I get bring this back out!!


Harry the Hedgehog

I picked up two sewing kits from the gift shop when the hubby and I took an overnight trip to the Seamill Hydro for our wedding anniversary.  The first of these kits was Harry the Hedgehog.  My blanket stitching around the edging of the spines leaves a lot to be desired but I still think he’s pretty cute.


A Bear and his Bed

Another purchase from the Sewing Quarter channel.  This Jo Carter bundle included the materials to make the bear and his quilted bed. Jack funnily enough doesn’t like the bed for the bear because he wants the bear to snuggle with him rather than in its own bed…oh and the bears name is also Jack.  It doesn’t get at all confusing at bed time.


Bee-utiful Ring Binder Cover

OK So I am guilty of watching Sewing Quarter, a shopping channel dedicated to sewing. I happened to stumble across them selling a kit to make a ring binder cover and I fell in love with the fabric more than anything else.  I did really like the idea of the binder cover and it’s something I’ve never tried before.  After the disaster of the dress (we’ll not go there) I’m reluctant to try clothing for a while so accessories are the way to go for the time BEEing. y’all see what I did there. Anyway I loved how the binder cover turned out so much that I’ve ordered a small selection of other fabrics so that I can have a nice colourful shelf of folders…once I’ve organised my patterns that is.


One Fat Quarter – Child’s Apron

I picked up a new book by Tina Barrett Fat Quarter – One Piece Projects and one of the first projects in the book is a child’s apron.  I had some Toy Story fabric in my stash so decided that since Jack makes cakes with his gran every Thursday that a simple apron for the occasion would go nicely.

Naturally since I’m still new to sewing I totally buggered up the direction of the fabric so the characters are all horizontal rather than vertical but you live and learn and regardless of this error I’m really pleased with how it came out.  Modelled below by my adorable son 🙂