Sean Batty with my Temperature Blanket

So some of you might remember my 2016 Temperature Blanket, but if not then I just handily linked to it.  I emailed Sean Batty (a well known celeb weatherman in Scotland) about my blanket during 2016 to tell him about it and he replied saying it was a great idea and to keep him up to date.  When I finished the blanket I emailed him a picture of the finished piece and that was that, a nice exchange, time to move on.  Fast forward to Christmas 2018 and my workplace are holding a staff celebration with a live band, quiz etc and a celeb host who is none other than…you guessed it, Sean Batty.  What a great opportunity to show him the blanket in person!

Well I asked my mother-in-law if I could borrow the blanket to take into work on the day of the celebration.  I went down early while they were still setting up and I saw Sean getting his briefing and with the blanket draped over my arm I approached him.  I figured it’s been 2 years so I might need to jog his memory a little but he glanced over to me, eyes widened and said “is that they blanket?”  I didn’t tell him that I would be there today.  He took one look at the blanket and just remembered our emails from 2 years ago.  Julie who was giving him his briefing looked rather puzzled until we explained it all and then she gladly agreed to take a photo of us both holding my blanket.


We Have A Visitor…

This guy was one of those free kits you get from a magazine but it was so long ago I forget which magazine.  He has been a permanent fixture on my desk at work since he was constructed.  This year I bought one of those Origami Page A Day desk calendars and made a hat for him to wear so he looks like he’s still rocking the New Years party look. So here is pre- and post-New Years:


I offer a Porg as an apology

I hadn’t realised that October was the last time I had posted.  Rest assured I have been crafting!

Once again when Christmas rolls around I made my brother-in-law a Star Wars themed amigurumi.  His collection is something I’m rather proud of now.  This year I gave him a Porg.  It was rather hard to part with if I’m honest at a mere 2-3 inches tall with those big round eyes and his sad little face.



Little Box Of Crochet – Attic 24 – Notebook Cover

When you love Little Box of Crochet and you love Lucy from Attic24 and you have an unhealthy obession with collecting notepads it’s like the stars aligned when August’s box came in the post.  Combining the classic granny squares with this great selection of must have mini’s colours all to fit around this (i think A6 size) notebook, specially created for Little Box of Crochet to keep track of your crochet projects. So many possibilities to create more in any colour or size variation you could ever need.


Scandi Advent Calendar

This was actually one of my earlier sewing projects but I have waited until now to post it as I thought posting Christmas projects in July/August might not have gone down well with you all 🙂  This was one of the first big projects I tried after the failed dress and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I really enjoyed the whole process and found it really rather relaxing.  I enjoy Christmas rather too much for someone my age so it was tough to put this by in the cupboard after it was done.  Not sure what I will put in the pockets when the time comes. Roll on December when I get bring this back out!!