Crochet · Random

Hedgehog Hook Holder

While on holiday to Loch Ness I popped in to Morag’s Crafty Bothy for a bit of pottery painting. I picked this hedgehog pen holder and a selection of crazy colours and created not a pen holder but a hook holder!  It now sits with a few of my other crafty makes above my desk.

Crochet · Sewing

Little Mermaid Cushion

I had used the crochet corner to corner method of making Ariel in the middle and had always planned on making the other princesses to make a full blanket.  Turns out I hate doing the corner to corner method.  I fins it very messy having all those bobbins and threads everywhere.  I found some rather cute Little Mermaid fabric and decided to just make this into a cushion.  Again this turned out rather wonky but still pretty overall.


Owl Drawstring Bag

A few years ago I bought this sewing kit at a craft show and took one look at the instructions and stuffed it firmly back in the cupboard.  Having recently brought out the sewing machine I finally decided to just give it a go, and hey presto it all turned out OK, and it even has inside pockets!!