Exciting New Things

I finally decided to open that Etsy shop my friends have been pestering me about. ¬†It doesn’t have much on it at the moment but I hope to add more soon. If you want to bookmark the page then you can find a link in the sidebar.
I have also now created a Facebook page to go along with the blog and shop so feel free to pop along and like my page (link also in the sidebar ) ūüôā


Dragon Wing Shawl

While at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival I spent a small fortune on this cake of hand dyed gradient yarn from Hungary. ¬†The yarn is made from silk and baby camel and is one of the softest things I’ve ever laid my hands on. ¬†The soft downy fur from the underside of the baby camel is used. The seller does have an esty shop that you can find here. I decided to make the dragon wing shawl and used some Drops baby alpaca silk yarn to edge around.



Triangle Granny Scarves

As part of Reddit’s Yarn Exchange 2017 I was matched with someone from Texas who went me 2 skeins of Red Heart yarn which is unavailable here in the UK and also 2 sweet roll cakes.

I decided to go on a bit of a scarf spree with all the yarn.  The granny triangle scarf is really easy to make and I added tassels on the ends with the leftover yarn.  I think the red sweet roll is my favourite.

IMG_5187 IMG_5188

IMG_5189 IMG_5190

IMG_5191 IMG_5192

IMG_5193 IMG_5194



Mandala Madness Part 5

Part 5 of the Mandala Madness had some pretty taxing rounds but we got there in the end, though it didn’t help that my toddler grabbed it and unraveled the best part of a full round. I am quite behind on this as it’s a lot more work than I had anticipated but I am learning so much and enjoy every stitch…almost.




Years ago before I could crochet I knitted my mum an elephant. ¬†This elephant was awful, legs all wonky, honestly it looked like it had been in multiple car accidents. ¬†Nevertheless my mum still has this on display in her living room to this day. ¬†When I visit and I see this out I cringe. ¬†Oh course I feel a little proud that my mum had this monstrosity on display, but that’s what mums do. ¬†I figured it was about time to make a new elephant for my mum for Mother’s Day, and here she is:

File_004 File_006 (1)

File_005 (1) File_003 (1)