Ice Cream Keyring

Who loves ice cream?  So this one isn’t edible but you can take it everywhere you go!  The pattern for this was from the Friendly Red Fox.


Triangle Granny Scarves

As part of Reddit’s Yarn Exchange 2017 I was matched with someone from Texas who went me 2 skeins of Red Heart yarn which is unavailable here in the UK and also 2 sweet roll cakes.

I decided to go on a bit of a scarf spree with all the yarn.  The granny triangle scarf is really easy to make and I added tassels on the ends with the leftover yarn.  I think the red sweet roll is my favourite.


Crochet Market Bag

I made this market bag using Lily’s Sugar and Cream yarn. It was very quick and easy to make up, just don’t use it to carry your chewing gum! This was given to a friend has part of her birthday gift so it’s gone to a good home.  I keep meaning to make one for myself…one day!

Mandala Madness Part 5

Part 5 of the Mandala Madness had some pretty taxing rounds but we got there in the end, though it didn’t help that my toddler grabbed it and unraveled the best part of a full round. I am quite behind on this as it’s a lot more work than I had anticipated but I am learning so much and enjoy every stitch…almost.


Years ago before I could crochet I knitted my mum an elephant.  This elephant was awful, legs all wonky, honestly it looked like it had been in multiple car accidents.  Nevertheless my mum still has this on display in her living room to this day.  When I visit and I see this out I cringe.  Oh course I feel a little proud that my mum had this monstrosity on display, but that’s what mums do.  I figured it was about time to make a new elephant for my mum for Mother’s Day, and here she is: