Reddit Yarn Exchange!

While the shipping deadline was only 2 days ago I have already received my Secret Santa gifts for the Yarn and Needlework Exchange on Reddit Gifts.

A wonderful lady called Ran sent me 2 parcels.  The first one arrived on Friday which contained Lucy Collin’s Star Wars Crochet kit. I had previously bought a couple of the patterns (you will have seen the results already) way back before she published the book.  She sold the patterns on her Etsy page.  Since the release of the book I believe the patterns are no longer on her Etsy page which meant I couldn’t finish the set without buying the full kit.  Well now I can finish the set!  I’m so excited, I think the next one to make will be Chewbacca so watch this space.

My second package contained 7 Lily’s Sugar and Cream in the most gorgeous colours she could have picked!  I can’t pick a favourite.  I simply can’t wait to start hunting for the perfect project to be worthy of these.

Ran if you are reading this then please know that you are so utterly wonderful, I can’t thank you enough.

IMG_3360 IMG_3361 IMG_3362


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