Temperature Blanket January – April

So I jumped on the bandwagon at the start of the year and decided to make a temperature blanket.  The basic idea is that everyday you do 1 row and the colour that you do is based on the temperature.  Some people do two rows a day, one for the highest and one for the lowest temperatures.  I have decided to just go by the temperature at noon on that day.

I am using Stylecraft Special DK. and my key is as follows (all temperature in Celsius):

<= 0 Purple
1-3 Dark Blue
4-6 Light Blue
7-10 Dark Green
11-14 Light Green
15-18 Yellow
19-22 Orange
23-27 Red
28+ Bright Pink

Now given lovely (haha) Scottish weather I highly doubt I’ll get to use the bright pink, so I may well just border the whole blanket with it since I’ll have plenty left over.

So we are at the start of May I decided to post a pic of the blanket 4 months in.  The blanket is only wide enough for one person and below you can read the blanket left to right.  You can see that it’s getting warmer and we had ONE DAY where the temperature was 15 which allowed me to bust out the yellow.  Oh that was a happy day.



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