Components and Coasters

I’ve decided to make the Snowman Wreath featured on Repeat Crafter Me. It’s a really fun design by Sarah Zimmerman who quite frankly a crochet goddess in my books.  I look through her blog and I just want to make everything she makes, it all just looks so wonderful.

Anyway I’ve made the covering for the polystyrene ring in a nice blue, though it looks rather grey in the photo, which is totally the fault of the lighting in our living room late at night. I used Lily Sugar n Cream Solids in Light Blue for this.


I have made the snowman but not yet made his hat, scarf or any of his features.  I’ve just finished the bunting which I’ve had so much trouble with, and to be honest I’m still not happy with it, but it’ll need to do as I’m just wasting yarn now.  I’ve tried this in the Lily Sugar n Cream Solids White cotton but I’ve changed to a sparkly acrylic.  I’m hoping the fluff will hide the ghastly holes which I can’t seem to get rid of.  I might even back the bunting with white felt.  Anyway I have this pinned up on my board at work to try and stretch it out a bit and stop it from curling at the ends.


To kill time during lunch today (apart from bunting) I decided to make these swirly coasters.  These were super easy to do and a great stash buster.  I found the pattern on Ravelry and depending on your yarn and hook these can either be coasters or pot holders.  Either way they could make a very colourful addition to your house. They did curl up quite a bit so I’ve pinned these to the board too.  The pink one was my first attempt and I didn’t make the larger hanging loop at the top, and I also forgot to tighten the magic loop in the middle (I’ve tucked and cut off the end so I’m stuck with the hole).  My second attempt with the blue was much better though I have to say I prefer the pink and white colours together, so I think I’ll be remaking the pink one at some point.



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