Eresin In Stitches

May The Hook Be With You

on November 4, 2013

So here is what I did this weekend:



I bought the pattern from Lucy Ravenscar’s Esty Shop.  The pattern was well written and easy to follow so I fully recommend her patterns!  I also bought the pattern for the Ewok but haven’t tried that one out yet.  It didn’t even take that long to do.  I started him on the Saturday later afternoon and finished him off on the Sunday morning.    I was really pleased with how to turned out.


2 responses to “May The Hook Be With You

  1. Oh wow he is gorgeous!!! I have often thought about buying one or two of these patterns to make for my boys, so thank you for writing about how you found them to work from 🙂 good luck with the ewok I look forward to seeing him appearing here soon! Helen

  2. […] Ewok for brother-in-law for Christmas.  I made him a Yoda a few years back and he’s been pestering me for an Ewok ever since.  Can’t believe […]

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