Eresin In Stitches

WIP Wednesday

on October 30, 2013

Here is my WIP Wednesday:

I’m still unsure about the colours. White, yellow and brown. I’m really not keen on that brown but I don’t really want to scrap it and start again. It’s going to be a baby blanket. A giant granny square baby blanket. I think most people tend to make lots of granny square and then sew them together but believe it or not I hate sewing, so this is my ideal way to avoid it!

I’m not that savvy with babies and the like and as a result I also have no idea how big to make this. Any ideas?


2 responses to “WIP Wednesday

  1. woodlandrealm10 says:

    the colors are fun, kind of tropical! 🙂 I haven’t had a baby blanket around in a long time, I don’t remember the size, but you could look at online stores for blanket measures, like target or something, i think they list the measurments of their baby blankets 😉

  2. froggeechik says:

    I would suggest making it about 36″ square. Some are a bit smaller, but I think that size would fit the baby into toddlerhood. the colors are good! I like them.

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