New Stash (Part 1)

I, along with some friends, took a trip to the Crafts and Christmas and Hobbycraft shows at Glasgow’s SECC yesterday. I picked a few bits and pieces, but today I wanted to show you this:
I’ve never used this yarn before but I’ve seen the lovely ruffle scarves you can make with it. I just loved the colours in this and they had a scarf made up in this yarn and it just looked so bright and bubbly. Just what you need on a cold, dark winters day I think.

So just what is so special about this yarn?  Well let me unravel a little bit for you


(FYI I was a Zom-BEE for a halloween party, which is why my nails look the way they do!)


I don’t know how to work with this yarn, but I’ve been told you only work with the top row of the mesh.  I found a pattern last night and gave it a little shot but failed miserably, so I’ll need to look up some more YouTube videos to find out just what the heck I’m supposed to do with it.  I’m much more a visual learner and written instructions just won’t do it with a new technique. There is a knitting pattern on the inside of the yarn label, but I really want to crochet this rather than knit.  I couldn’t make head nor tail of the knitting pattern either.

So watch this space people!  Hopefully soon I will have made something with this other than a giant tangled mess!


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