More Crochet Creations

I made my first amigurumi mini monster. Isn’t he cute?!


I then decided to make one a bit taller than the first.  Unfortunately I could only get one of the eyes to snap on, so we have a Cyclops here, and I thought I would give him some orange hair.



I’ve also been working on a blanket which is essentially a giant granny square.  You can see the ball of yarn I’m using, this is my 2nd ball.  I got this stuff years ago so when it runs out I’ve no way to get more as I can’t remember where I bought it.  I do however have 3 balls of black sparkly yarn that I was going to change to when the colour runs out.  I’m just going to keep going with it until I’m happy with the size, I have no specific measurements in mind.  I might not even need 3 more balls, but then again I might want it huge and need more.  I wasn’t sure what to use to give you an idea of it’s current size, the closest thing I had to hand was this can of febeeze!

IMG_2092   IMG_2094



2 thoughts on “More Crochet Creations

    1. I used up all that colour stuff I had. I can’t ever remember where I got it to get more to I’m now using some black sparkly yarn and I’ve been through 3 balls of that now and bought another 4 today. It’s getting quite big now but I still want it bigger 🙂

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