Crochet, I Beat You!

Ok, I still don’t think I’m doing it quite right but I think I have mostly mastered the basics.

I bought this Crochet a Cushion kit from John Lewis on Saturday:



Many frustrated tears were had on Saturday night let me tell you.  However after a zen nights sleep I awoke fresh on Sunday ready to tackle this once and for all.  It took several You Tube videos combined with the printed instructions for me to get what was going on.  At that point it then took about 15 attempts to just get the first ring going.  Eventually (about 3 hours later) I had my first granny square.  I sat all day Sunday making granny squares, and even some time yesterday.



I took it all into work so that I am make some progress on my lunchbreak.  I left it all in there last night.  So at home I wanted to see if I could use what I had learned to make something else.  In issue 2 of Simply Crochet there was the instructions to make a mug cosy.  I used some sock yarn that I had, which never turned into a pair of socks.  I don’t think I did it quite right but it at least turned out to resemble a mug cosy, and it fitted!



I do still think I’m doing it wrong.  My mug cosy appeared to have an almost ribbed pattern to it but the one in the magazine was fairly smooth.


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