What A Fabulous Day!

Before I even begin to tell you about Sunday I want to say a HUGE thank you to my friend Natalie who treated me to this wonderful day out!

We went straight to the SECC, Glasgow for the Hobbycraft & Creative Stitches shows.  In the first hall (Creative Sttiches) I think we got about 2 stalls in before Natalie had her wallet out.  She bought me a Gorjuss kit.  She insisted that she buy me one kit for my birthday, so here it is:


So once I’ve finished Kitty Litter, and then the Celestial Dragon, I’ll do this kit.  I think it really is Gorjuss!

Speaking of the Celestial Dragon kit, I think I might have mentioned before but I’m going to do it on black aida rather than the white it came with so it wasn’t long before I picked some up which just happened to be the same size as the fabric in the kit…perfect!


We wandered further around and came across this chocolate stall.  2 white chocolate and 2 milk chocolate bunnies were purchased and then we went for a wee cup of tea while we slowly devoured a bunny each.


We went off to the other hall which had the Hobbycraft stuff in it.  We turned up just in time to a card making workshop which we both sat in on.  Here is a pic of Natalie making her card and of my finished card.


After the fun and frolics of that (our jeans were covered in glitter by the end of the workshop!) we continued to walk around and came across a nail art stall where the girls did Natalie’s nails and we both ended up buying a set of colours.  Here is a picture of the set and a picture of the nails I did myself on the train home.  Yes I couldn’t wait until I got home to try it out!


We then went back to the Creative Stitches hall and Natalie spent 10 minutes getting a massage while I ran off and spent money.  I finally got my StitchMaster Floor stand which I have been wanting for ages now.  I also manages to get the double flexi clamp so it can hold my chart while I stitch.


The floor stand is all set up now and I’ve put my Kitty Litter onto a set of bar frames so I can work with it.  Sorry this pic doesn’t really show off the whole stand, but at least it’s much easier for me to see my progress.


I had a little bit of money left over so I picked up these two bargains


Four and a half hours later we headed back into Glasgow and went to The Willow Tea Rooms.  I walk past there twice a day everyday but have never gone in.  I had a lovely pot of peppermint tea with scrambled egg and toast. Yummy.  We then wandered about the shops (I picked up a holiday brochure and Chris and I would like to go away next year) for a bit killing time waiting to 5pm where we had a table booked at a nice Thai restaurant which I can’t remember the name of.  Dinner was delicious!

We then headed for our train home, reading the holiday brochure I got, painting our nails and eating the last 2 chocolate bunnies.

It was a perfect day. Now it’s time to save up because Hobbycraft & Creative Stitches are back in Glasgow in October, no doubt with lots of Christmas themed goodness going on.


3 thoughts on “What A Fabulous Day!

  1. You and your friend are so lucky! Our cross stitch group went to the Craft show, but it was only quilting stuff and not a single cross stitch booth. Boo hoo. I’m so jealous!

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