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Quick Catch-Up

I did get to work on the Kitty Litter at the weekend, still working away at the table. Finishing one shade of brown and onto another but it’s quick work since it’s half stitches. I didn’t think it was worth posting a progress pic as the progress I’ve made might not be entirely obvious since it’s all shades of the same colour.
I’ve also been getting a cluster of migraines so I’ve not had as much stitching time as I would have liked. It’s really starting to piss me off. I’m trying to take a more natural approach as I hate all the pill popping I do (even though it works). Hypnosis in the morning, lots of water during the day. I’ve taken to walking to the train station rather than take the car. I didn’t feel safe when it was dark, but now the lighter mornings are here I’m out getting that wee bit more exercise. The flipside is that if I was to the station then I have no choice to walk home , this can be good or bad depending on the weather. I find the cold weather helps with my migraines. I use a Migra-Cap when I’m at home which I love to bits.  I’ve also ordered some feverfew tablets, so technically I’ll still be pill popping, those these ones aren’t as likely to damage my liver!

Right that’s enough of the negativity!  I’ve put a message up on the forums at work calling for crafty people to try to start a Stitch n Bitch here at the university.  So far I’ve got 2 people interested so this Thursday, me and 1 of the interested parties (Karen) shall be having a crafty lunch 😀  Hopefully the group will grow with time.


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