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Stitching Groups

I often wish there are more Stitch ‘n’ Bitch style groups about.  There are none anywhere near me.  Everyday I will stitch in the evenings on my sofa next to the OH.  He doesn’t comment much on what I’m doing and I don’t often try to talk to him about it because I know he’s not as passionate about stitching so there is little point.  I don’t mean that in a nasty way, but you know sometimes it would be nice to have a good natter with other stitchers…in person.

I like being part of forums of other stitchers and posting pictures of my work.  I love the compliments and the constructive criticism we can offer each other without offending.  I really wish I could just sit down with other stitchers/knitters/crocheters and talk it out in person.

I have briefly considered starting a group of my own but I don’t know any other crafters near me to invite.  I’d be terrified of setting it up, advertising and then no one turning up.  There would be me sitting all on my own with my needle and thread.


4 thoughts on “Stitching Groups

  1. I wish I could be part of a stitching group near me. There are all kinds of knitting groups, I’d take up knitting if I didn’t have so many stitching projects to finish.

  2. I hope you and other lonely stitchers can start a group and stitch together! I’m in the SoCal Cross Stitchers Yahoo group in Southern California. We actually meet in person once a month at different places to sit and stitch together all day! It’s wonderful!

  3. I’ve encountered the same problem. I don’t know where any of the groups exist in my area. I just became friends with someone through a Facebook connection and we meet up maybe once a month to stitch ‘n bitch. It’s a small group of 3 (my other friend makes a one-hour drive in to join), but it’s a start.

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