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Kitty Litter – Week 4 Progress

on February 18, 2013

Since I didn’t get much done the week before last I’m not counting it, so this is week 4.  I’m still working on the table but it’s coming along quicker now.  I am tempted to start on the background after as I think it’ll be a bit boring and I’d like to get it over with.  I’ll have the kittens to look forward to.



I also started working on a small wedding gift for my friends who just got married, they don’t know I’m working on something, unless they read this, but it’s a quick stitch and should get finished today, providing I can find a frame I like at lunchtime.


2 responses to “Kitty Litter – Week 4 Progress

  1. typenstitch says:

    Kitty Litter looks wonderful! How fun to save the kittens for the end!

  2. flmaryg says:

    I agree, save the kittens for last. get the boring background out of the way now.

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