Can You Crochet?

I cannot.  I have said this many time but it’s like a magic…and I’m a muggle.

I have loads of amigurumi books on my Amazon Wishlist, but since I can’t crochet to save myself I’ve never actually gone ahead and bought them.  I have in the past had crochet books.  Crochet for beginners, crochet for dummies, crochet for those without a brain and no fingers etc etc, but none of these have successfully taught me.  I’ve tried video tutorials online and still I am none the wiser.

I can knit and purl, I can increase and decrease (though I’d need a refresher), that is about as far as my knitting skills go.  I generally stick to knitting in straight lines (so…scarves).  I learned how to knit because someone showed me.

I feel like the only way I’ll ever get crochet is if someone physically showed me, and watched me and told me what I was doing wrong.  Thing is I don’t know anyone who can crochet.

Darn it I want to make cute amigurumi animals and zombies and robots!  I bought a crochet magazine today.  I’m not sure what I am expecting to come from it.

Anyway to those who can crochet and do amigurumi, can one simply jump into amigurumi or do I really need to have a mile high pile of tea doilies before I can progress?  Is there such a thing as amigurumi for complete and utter beginners.  I am going to pretend that I have never touched a crochet hook in my life, perhaps starting on a blank slate might help.


One thought on “Can You Crochet?

  1. Yes you can definitely make amigurumis from the start 🙂 I taught myself to crochet almost 2 years ago from an amigurumi book & spent the first 10/11 months making amis before I ever tried a granny square or anything! Amis rock cos for a HUGE bunch of them you only need to learn one stitch plus how to increase & how to decrease. That’s it. Have you tried any of the videos/ tutorials at Planet June? Don’t know if they might help you get started? Good luck, I’m sure you will be making awesome amis real soon 😉 Helen

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