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To Bobbin or not to Bobbin

Way back when I was stitching years ago I used to keep my floss on the DMC Stitchbows and kept those inside the DMC Stitchbow wallets.  I still have threads on the stitchbows and some wallets, however browsing blogs now I see most people keep their floss on bobbins in bobbin boxes.

So I am thinking about making the change myself, though I see there are different bobbins out there.  I’m guessing the plastic ones are stronger than the paper ones, but can you write on them?  Ink doesn’t stay well on plastic and I don’t want the numbers smearing off.  I *could* probably get the DMC storage labels to put on the plastic bobbins but I fear I would then see how many colours I am missing and it would send me on a spending spree ending in bankruptcy haha!

How do you store your floss?  Are bobbins better than these stitchbows I’ve been using?


2 thoughts on “To Bobbin or not to Bobbin

  1. I store my floss in little 3″ x 4″ ziploc baggies. I write the DMC name and number on a file folder label and stick it on the baggie. The baggies are stored in photo boxes, but I put individual baggies in with each of my WIPs. I have some floss on bobbins that was given to me or that I got on eBay, but I don’t like the way it kinks up the floss. I wouldn’t want to spend all that stitching time winding bobbins either.

    I have read that the plastic bobbins are stronger than cardboard but you need to write with the right type of marker so it won’t rub off. The stickers sometimes slip off the plastic bobbins. I see others recommend putting tape over the stickers or just taping the DMC number from the skein onto the edge of the bobbin.

  2. I keep my threads “as is” for the most part. I recently separated them in baggies by numbers, i.e. 100’s 200’s, 300’s, etc. I do intend to wrap them around bobbins when I have time, but like the poster above, I’d rather be stitching. So, in summary, I have them as is, on cardboard bobbins, on plastic bobbins, and even stitch bows. Stitch bows being the least of my favourite.

    There was a blog that I came across, and for the life of me, I can’t remember the name of it. Her name is Margaret Rose Tipton and she’s in the Facebook group, I cross-stitch and I’m Not Ashamed. Anyway, she had a blog post dedicated to winding bobbins. She had a really neat idea about cutting off the number and taping it to the bobbin (plastic) before winding. I think it was a fabulous idea, and I wanted to do that method when I finally got around to winding.

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