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Kitty Litter – Week 3 Progress

I feel like I didn’t get much done this week.  I was working on the basket some more, mainly filling in with the other colour.  I got to just before the end of the basket and ran out of one of the colours I was using, which confused me a lot because I was supposed to do the handle in this colour too.

Turns out I had been using one of the wrong colours in the tweeding.  I was using light beige instead of beige.  I only realised this last night.  *sigh*.  I wasn’t about to unpick a weeks worth of stitching so I emailed the kit makers as their thread is specifically dyed to match the artwork so I can’t just go out and buy more of the colour.  Hopefully they are able to send me more light beige.  If I can at least finish the main bit of basket in the same colour it should look fine, and of course use the light beige on the bits that should have been light beige.  I hope I don’t have to wait too long.

I’ve switched to the correct colours for the handle of the basket and I’m hoping this will look ok.  At no point does the handle ever meet the basket because of the kittens so I’m hoping it looks believable that the handle might be a slightly darker colour.

I’m pretty annoyed I was so careless.  Anyway here is what I’ve managed this past week:



5 thoughts on “Kitty Litter – Week 3 Progress

  1. Dimension, normally take about 2 weeks to send you your replacement colours, I ran out last year on my Frederick the Literate, thankfully a member in my group came to my rescue and had that colour from a Dimension kit. What colour is it, I might have it, so you won’t have a huge delay.

    1. it was called light beige. I’ll need to check the code number when I get home. I’m not sure if a light beige from one kit would be the same as light beige from another. At least it was relatively early on in the stitching that there is plenty more to be getting on with while I wait for it to arrive.

  2. I’ve messed up colors like that before and it is such a pain. The one thing I don’t like about deminsions kits is how close some of the color names are, they just don’t seem to make sense in my head. Pale blue and light blue sound like they should be the same thing to me, but oh well.

    Hope they send you your replacement threads soon. The project looks great so far anyway, maybe you’ll have stumbled onto a way to improve their pattern!

    1. I think what threw me was that the light beige was actually listed as “lt beige” so the “lt” but is easy to miss. Also I would have said the light beige was actually beige because what they had listed as beige looked quite dark to me.

  3. I hope you get the extra floss soon. I’m sure the handle will look fine being a little different than the basket. You made the right choice by not frogging everything! No way!!

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