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No stitchy Saturday for me

Looks like my weekend has filled up.  Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night all filled with meeting people now.

Friday night we are going round to a friends house to play some boardgames which should be fun (hopefully Battlestar Gallactica!) but means I won’t get any stitching done.  I’m not sure they would appreciate me bringing it along either lol!

Normally Chris and I go to the movies on a Saturday morning, but it’s usually an 11.30am showing so we’re not home until after 3pm.  Then I have to be out again at 6 so I’m not sure how much stitching I’ll get done on Saturday.

So it will need to be a super Sunday stitch.  I’m working on the basket of the Kitty Litter and the colours I’m using are really similar to the colour I’ve already done on the basket so I lose my place really easy and find it hard to concentrate, so progress on that is slower than I would like.

In other stitching, I’ve finished the birthday stitch, I’m nearly finished one of the Mother’s Day bookmarks (the kit from Cross Stitch Crazy).  I plan to stitch a second one for Chris’s mum too.  I’ve ordered the threads I need so they should arrive either tomorrow or Saturday.  So my apologies but no photos today, I know how you all love photos.  I promise soon I can post a pic of the birthday bookmark!

I couldn’t find the new issue of WOCS today in the shops which is a shame because once I finish the first Mother’s Day bookmark I’ll have no travel stitching until I either get the mag with the free kit or get the threads for the next bookmark.

Oh and my end of January weigh in says I’ve lost 5lb this month yipee!


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