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Kitty Litter – Week 2 Progress

Well here is the latest progress of the Kitty Litter.


2 weeks in and I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made.  You can see my Week 1 progress here

I don’t have a specific deadline for finishing this so I will be interested to see how long it does take me.  I’ve been working on it every night after dinner (Mon-Fri) and all day/night on the weekends when I’m not out doing other things.

My Celestial Dragon kit came on Saturday and I was really excited when I realised it contained beadwork!  I didn’t notice/read that when I initially was looking at buying it.  I knew it had sparkly threads in it but beadwork too!  I think it will definitely be my next WIP when I finish the kitty litter.

Which reminds me, I should really have a dig through my kit stash and show you what I do have sitting waiting.  I will do that later this week I promise!


6 thoughts on “Kitty Litter – Week 2 Progress

  1. Looking Great ! I’d love to do that Celestial Dragon too but I already have a Dragon WIP that’s taken a back seat thanks to a new kit !

    1. I am trying to be good and not start another WIP. I want to have 1 big one on the go and my little ones for travelling. I’m not sure how long it will last though! haha!

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