Cross Stitch

Floor Stand

So I’ve kind of decided that I’d like to get a Stitchmaster Floor Stand.

I do already have a floor stand but it’s one that clamps at the top and I found it was squishing my stitches.  Maybe I was clamping too tight but it didn’t feel secure otherwise.  As a result I never used it.

So I generally always use my 6×6 Q-Snap (R&R Frame).  I love it, I’d never go back to wooden frames I don’t think.  The Kitty Litter kit is quite big and I think that if I got a bigger plastic snap frame than I could use that with the new floor stand.  I think a floor stand for a 6×6 frame would be a little overkill 😛

Sew and So are currently out of stock so it will give me time to put my old frame up on eBay.  Do I really need a floor stand at all?  I’ve coped fine without one all this time.



3 thoughts on “Floor Stand

  1. Why don’t you look at a Lowery Frame, they are a little dearer but if you can get it under your sofa and over a sofa arm, they are well worth looking at.

  2. I have two floor stands but I haven’t tried using them yet. I don’t use 6×6 Q-snaps, but I love 8×8, 11×11, and even combinations like 11×14 and 14×17. If the piece is too small, I use a hoop.

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