Cross Stitch

Addition to the stash!

Oh why oh why do I torture myself on Ebay looking at Cross Stitch kits 🙂

I saw a post on the forum by Aussie Stitcher where she had stitched the Crescent Moon Dragon from Joan Elliots Bewitching Cross Stitch book.

Design Works made this into a kit you can buy and called it Celestial Dragon.  I found the kit on ebay and just couldn’t help myself!


I am thinking of switching the white aida out for black though as I think it might make the moon stand out a bit more.  What do you think?  I am also tempted to, if I can, do it on evenweave rather than aida.  I think evenweave makes the half stitches much easier.  I don’t know if there are any in this kit but I assume so.  I can’t wait to try out the sparkly threads too!


5 thoughts on “Addition to the stash!

  1. This will look great on black! Evenweave will help if there are quarter-stitches, but if it’s only half stitches, you could still use Aida.

  2. Ooh pretty! That would look awesome on black – black evenweave might be a pain to stitch on though, depending on what count you choose.

    1. I *think* 28 count evenweave is the equivalent to 14ct Aida. I’ve stitched on evenweave before. I’m still undecided. I will wait until the kit arrives and look at the chart in good detail before I commit. I think I definitely want to change to black background though.

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