Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch Card Shop Cover Kit Finished (Issue 88)



Got this finished yesterday and worked a bit more on the mystery stitch.  I’ve discovered another birthday in February so I might use Kiri as a birthday card.

Worked more on the basket for the Kitty Litter last night, so not much to report there.  Quiet day all in all.

I’m going to need to build up my stash of small kits because when I’m done with the mystery stitch I don’t have anything else small enough to carry with me.  I’ll need my stitching fix.  Hopefully the next WOCS Issue will be out with a nice cover kit before I’m done.


7 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Card Shop Cover Kit Finished (Issue 88)

      1. Hmmm… that usually means it will be here in like 3 months then (sigh… living in New Zealand – it takes ages to get mags). Something to look forward to tho. 🙂

  1. I always like to have a small ornie with me in my purse of a “stitching fix” too! You can also find lots of free designs on the internet. Happy stitching!

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