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Some More Gallery Additions

I had bits and pieces hung around the house which I didn’t get  chance to photograph when I started the blog earlier in the week so I took some photos yesterday:


Another Country Companions one.  I do have one more that I’ve had in my stash for a long time which I hope will be my next WIP after the Kitty Litter.

IMG_1751 IMG_1757


This pair were really fun to do. I think there were more in the set but I stitched these about 9 years ago so the chances of me finding the rest of the set online are pretty slim.



I think I bought this kit when I was at a craft show at the Glasgow SECC.  My boyfriend saw it and really liked it so I stitched it for him.  It not hangs in his room.  Sorry for the bad pic of this one the lighting isn’t great in his room.



Hangs on our key hooks by the front door.  Again I stitched this years and years ago.  it has real lavender stuffed inside.  You can’t really smell it any more unless you have it right up to your nose.


There are still some others I need to get photos of.  I can’t seem to find the Winnie the Pooh cushion I made, though it must be in the house somewhere!  I have stitched some things for my boyfriends mum which she has up in her living room so next time I’m round there I will take photos.



5 thoughts on “Some More Gallery Additions

  1. Your hedgehog is adorable! I love the bright colors on your monkeys and zebra. The tiger came out beautifully! The lavender pouch is so pretty. Great stitching. Thanks for sharing!

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