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WOCS Cover Kit (199)

I finished the cover kit from the World Of Cross Stitching magazine (Issue 199).  I’m not particularly fond of the design myself but it’ll make a good card for someone I’m sure.


The backstitch on this was a bitch though.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first time I’ve done any stitching in years, but the chart for this seemed to have a lot of the backstitch starting and ending in between the holes in the fabric.  Now I understand that the publishers need to mass produce this stuff so the aida probably isn’t the best quality but I had such a hard time stabbing the needle though any part which wasn’t a proper hole.  I ended up just ignoring the backstitch on the chart and going with that I though it should be.  If you compare mine with the magazine version mine has less detail in the leaves and a few other bits missed out, but I’m really not fussed to fix it, I think it looks fine as it is.

My hands are quite sore now but I guess this is something I will get used to again with more work.

My next small project is a gift for someone who’s birthday is coming up so I won’t be able to post pics until nearer the time, but I know how much stitchers love to look at other peoples work so I’ve decided to have 2 small projects as well as my large one (kittens).  Oh and here is where the endless list of WIPS starts isn’t it!

So along with the mystery stitch I’ll be working on the cover kit that came with the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine (Issue 88).


I got a few hours in on the kittens last night, continued to work on the basket.  I think maybe 2-3 days more and I’ll have something decent to show you.


2 thoughts on “WOCS Cover Kit (199)

  1. I would never have noticed the different back stitching if you hadn’t said, looks nice 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your Kittens progress !

  2. I agree, it’s tough to poke the needle into Aida when it’s not going into a hole! That happens with quarter-stitches a lot. But if you use a sharp needle, it really helps. Your flower finish is really pretty!

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