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What was that about working on 1 project at a time?

Right now spending hours away from my stitching is driving me mad.  You know the feeling when you just want to get on with it.  I can’t wait for the weekend when I can literally spend all day stitching, apart from Saturday night/Sunday morning when I’m at a Hag (Hen/Stag) LAN Party.  Would it be wrong to take my stitching to an all night video/pc gaming party?  I can stitch and shoot bad guys at the same time…right?

Anyway I’m pacifying myself with the free hedgerow wildflowers kit that I got in the World Of Cross Stitching magazine.  I figured I could use it for Mother’s Day when it comes around.  I’ve also purchased another small kit to get on with after this one which is for a birthday coming up soon.  I don’t want to say too much just now in case I get found out but I’ll post pictures when that one is done.  Note to self: Remember to take a photo before you give it away!

Anyway I started the flowers yesterday and here’s what I’ve done so far during downtime at work/travel:


I’m hoping to get it close to finished today. If I can get a seat by myself on the train I’m happy to work away but I can’t stand people staring like “WTF is she doing?”.  Yeh ok maybe a 28yr old girl cross stitching on the train isn’t something you see everyday.

I realised yesterday that I didn’t have any scissors with me to cut the thread which was fine in work as I have scissors on my desk but then on the train I was like oops!  So this morning I had to hunt really hard to find my Clover Cutter.  Man I bought this thing years ago, just as well my stash is fairly organised (i.e. all in one giant bag).  Best tool ever.


After hearing about these Q-Snap Huggers I decided to buy one from  They are US based so I’m not sure how long it will take to get to Scotland but I can’t wait to try it out and even the postage costs to the UK were reasonable too!  I couldn’t find a UK supplier and I’m not skilled enough to make my own.

I was lucky enough to get a selection of the Cupcake of the Month patterns from the past WOCS issues (Thank you, you know who you are 😉 ).  I intend to keep buying the mag now, but I think I’m going to wait until they finish the series.  They are all designed to be the same height/width from what I can tell so I’d like to make a blanket or a cushion or something from them.  That’s something for the future.

I didn’t get any work done on the kittens last night.  I play World of Warcraft and in the UK the raids reset on a Wednesday so I was raiding last night.  I was hoping to finish the raids and still have time for stitching but that didn’t work out so tonight I’m going to work on the kittens.  I was thinking of making the progress pics weekly for that since it’s quite big and daily ones probably won’t show much progress but I’ll see how it goes.

Where is your favourite place to stitch?  I like to stitch on the sofa while watching TV.  I think if we ever got the sunny weather I’d love to stitch in the garden with the sun shining, but alas all we get is wind and rain lol.


3 thoughts on “What was that about working on 1 project at a time?

  1. Hiya

    Oh it’s great to see you stitching again, I can’t do without it now.
    I keep looking at those clover cutters, but have never bought one. I was also looking at squissors, but I have cats and I’m worried they’ll stand on them –

    I don’t use Q snap frames, I have the siesta no sew frames and I have a huge floor frame that I use everyday, you can see it here

    I also have a lowery frame, but I have lent it to one of my members on my forum and she’s just bought one for herself.

    I can’t wait to see more updates of your stitching, it’s great to take photos, I tend to take them every 5 hours on large stitches, it motivates me, I do have to have a break at times and work on one of my other projects.

  2. I always say I will stitch one project at a time and I was doing pretty well but then I got my ebroidary frame which is wonderful but not exactly portable! Now I send all of these little free kits (this one is on my to do list!) to my boyfriend’s house so I can still do come stitching while I am there!

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