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Kitty Litter – First Progress Pic

Can you tell what it is yet?!



Not much to really see right now.  The darker brown in the middle is part of a kitten.  I started there purely because it was the centre of the chart.  I decided to move onto the basket though since it will give me a better picture of how big it’s going to be on the fabric.  Well of course I already know the dimensions of the design but it’s different to see it on the fabric I think.

I like to do as much of one colour as I can before having to move onto another colour.  I don’t know if that is what most people do, but I prefer that to changing colours every 10 minutes so working on the kittens will require a lot of that which I think I’d like to leave until I’m well and truly in the swing of things again.

I plan to try and finish with the current colour which runs along the basket and then work on the basket handle which has this colour in it too.  That should give me a rough width/height thing.  Then I will just feel like colouring in.  There is a lot of background to stitch but I think most of it is half stitch so shouldn’t take too long near the end.  I worked on it for most of my evening last night and it felt great.  Eyes got quite tired as I’m not used to this close work, but it sure meant I had no trouble getting to sleep!

I’m not using a hoop for this, year ago I got the square plastic clip-on thing, I can’t even remember what they are called!  I much prefer to work with that.  Can anyone remind me what these are called?  I love how they don’t squash any stitches that are under them.  I had a tendency to make my hoops too tight and a bad habit of not taking the hoop off between sessions so I was always left with flattened stitches.  But as you can see I was good and took this one off.



I’m in such a stitchy mood now but I only have this big project which I can’t really take with me places.  I need something small to work on for train journeys or lunchtimes.

I also wanted to ask of other stitchers out there what you use to mark off your progress on your chart?  I use a highlighter but I’m thinking there must be a better solution.  I always photocopy the chart and work with the copy to keep the original in good condition should anything happen to the one I’m working on.


3 thoughts on “Kitty Litter – First Progress Pic

  1. That wonderful frame is a Q-Snap! I love them and use them in all sizes unless the piece is too small, then I use a hoop. I also put Q-Snap huggies on mine to hold the extra fabric. That’s a great idea to stitch the width/height to see how big your piece will be. I also try to use up all of one color before moving to another one.

    1. Q-Snap Huggies? I’ve never heard of them but I like the sound of them. I’m working mainly on the right hand side of the fabric just now so I am bunching up the rest in my left hand which can be uncomfortable sometimes. I will look into these, thanks!

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