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Hey everyone and welcome to my new blog about my cross stitching. I started stitching so many years ago. I don’t remember the exact age I started but I’m sure it was my early teens, so probably over 15 years now. In the past 5-6 years I haven’t done any and I miss it.
I still went to the craft fairs at the SECC in Glasgow and would buy kits but they would sit untouched. I sold off what I could and donated other, but there were some kits that I really couldn’t part with. I wanted someday to get back into stitching and to finish them.
Now is the time. I whipped up the World of Warcraft Horde Bookmark in a couple of days to easy me in gentle. I still really loved it.

In order to inspire me, I dug out all the past projects I stitched and kept. Unfortunately there are so many more that I have done but they were gifts and I didn’t take photos at the time, I wish I had now. Anyway yesterday I laid out all the ones I have finished and took pictures and you can find them all in my gallery (button is on the right hand side —>).

Ones like the butterflies and the dolphins make me feel so proud of the time I put into them. The Country Companions Sunflowers makes me smile.

There this was my intro post. I plan to post up the project that I’m currently working on and every once in a while I’ll post a progress (can you tell what is it yet) pic.

The only danger I have is that when I’m working on one design and I see another I might end up starting that too! And so the story of how many WIPs (Works In Progress) we can have on the go starts.

My poor boyfriend and wallet…if I am back into stitching it will take all my effort to stay away from these craft shows. I’ve been out of the loop for so long who knows what gadgets and gizmos have been designed to help out a stitcher.

I was glad to see that was still up and running, it was my primary place to get supplies online, but if any new ones have sprung up I’d like to check them out.


4 thoughts on “Check Out My Gallery!

  1. Just checked out your gallery and you have some lovely stuff in there. You remind me a bit of DD2 as she is a pig lover and a few years – quite a lot really- ago we went to the Harrogate stitching show and she got the chart for the oriental butterfly although that’s where the similarity ends as I think she stopped stitching before she finished it.

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